The easy way to stay connected
Anytime, anywhere!

With NEW Voucher Paket, all you need to do is scratch off the serial number on the voucher and key Into
your handphone to activate your paket.

You do not need to run to the nearest outlet to buy your paket anymore. With Voucher Paket, you carry it with you wherever you go.

Voucher Paket Available:

How To

Go to IM3 Ooredoo Outlet
and buy Voucher Paket

Scratch voucher to reveal
14 digit voucher code number

Key in *556*vouchercode#
and press OK/YES

FAQ Package Voucher IM3 Ooredoo

  • Which customer can use IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher?
    Only prepaid customer can use IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher.
  • What is the benefit of IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher?
    Now with IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher you can always register Internet Package even though you have no balance.
  • Where can I purchase IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher?
    You can purchase it through stores that have a partnership with IM3 Ooredoo or every retail outlet that sells IM3 Ooredoo products.
  • How long is the active period for IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher?
    The active period depends on the package that customer chooses.
  • If customer already has an activated Internet Package before, can he/she activate internet package from the Package Voucher IM3 Ooredoo?
    Yes they can. If the current package is smaller, then the main quota will be accumulated/rollover. But if the package is bigger, the quota will be replaced with the new quota from IM3 Ooredoo Package Voucher.

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