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One click access to Help Center including Live chat with our customer care team


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  • What Is Im3?
    myIM3 is a digital service from Indosat Ooredoo that provide information and service request of Indosat Ooredoo customers.
  • What services are provided by myIM3?
    myIM3 provides :
    • Customer Profile
    • Card Information
    • Register Package
    • Package Usage Information
    • Billing Postpaid
    • Reload
  • How can I access myIM3?
    You can access from your smart device (such as : smartphone and tablet). Do registration and use your username and password to access myIM3.
  • What if forgot my password?
    You can click 'Forgot Password' link on the login area and follow the instructions.
  • What would happened if I access http://myIM3.indosatooredoo.com from my smart device?
    myIM3 will automatically display information about myIM3 and link to download myIM3 from Google PlayStore and Apple AppsStore
  • How do I get PUK number?
    Select 'Others' menu then select 'View PUK'
  • How to view my invoice?
    Select 'Billing' menu, then select 'View Billing Info' menu.
  • How to do voucher reload?
    Select 'Voucher Refill' menu, then follow the instructions
  • What is the different between myCare and myIM3 application?
    myIM3 is the latest version of self-care application from Indosat Ooredoo.
  • How does Control Data Usage feature works?
    Control Data Usage is a feature that enables customers to control the data usage and application on their smartphone effectively. Choose menu ‘Control Data Usage’ from dropdown menu and click on the ‘Data Saving Mode’ button and choose the applications you often use to activate it.
  • Does each of myIM3 account can only be used by 1 Indosat Ooredoo number?
    Each myIM3 account can be used to manage multiple Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Click 'Add/Delete Number' from dropdown menu to add/delete the numbers you manage in myIM3 account.
  • Why do I receive different package offer in myIM3 from my friend which also have myIM3 application?
    myIM3 has distinct feature that can identify customer’s behaviour and come up with the best offer that suits each customer. This mean each customer might have different offer from the other.
  • What is the Data Package Promo on myIM3?
    You can get special price for every purchase of selected data packages via myIM3 app starting August 21, 2017 for Freedom Combo and August 24, 2017 for Freedom Plus
  • Which data packages can I buy at promo price on myIM3 app?
    The data packages that you can buy at promo price are Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus packages..
  • Are all Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus available at promo price?
    Yes, all Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus packages can be purchased at promo price. Please refer to the table below for complete information on the promo price of every package.

    FREEDOM COMBO PROMO PRICE (Valid from August 21, 2017)

    Tabel Harga Freedom Combo

    Freedom Plus PROMO PRICE (Valid from August 24, 2017)

    Tabel Harga Freedom Plus
  • Until when can I purchase the packages at promo price?
    You can purchase any Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus package at promo price anytime… only on myIM3 app
  • Can I, a postpaid user, purchase a data package at promo price on myIM3?
    For postpaid users, you can purchase Freedom Plus packages at promo price. The Freedom Combo packages are only valid for prepaid users.
  • Is this promo price only valid for myIM3 new users?
    All myIM3 users can purchase Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus at promo price
  • Is this promo price only applicable for the first purchase on myIM3?
    No, the promo price is applicable everytime you make a purchase of any Freedom Combo or Freedom Plus package on myIM3 app. But, when you extend the package, you will be charged normal price
  • I have purchased the package at promo price. For renewal of package, can I get it at the same promo price?
    No, for renewal of package you will be charged normal price. The promo price is only valid for package purchases. You will receive a reminder notification to renew your package informing that you will be charged normal price for the renewal.
  • What about the Gift package on myIM3, can I get it at promo price, too?
    Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus Gift packages can also be purchased at promo price when you buy via myIM3 app.
  • What are the special offers available on myIM3?
    Free 3 Days 3 Nights App Package for myIM3 new users and Internet Package Bundle and Free App Package for loyal users of myIM3
  • How do I get the Free 3 Days 3 Nights App package?
    All you have to do is download and install myIM3 app. You can get the free package by clicking “Offers” under the “Recommended for You” menu or you will get a pop-up notification to get the Free 3 Days 3 Nights when you open myIM3 app.
  • How do I get Internet Package Bundle and Free App Package?
    All you have to do is purchase Freedom Plus IDR 40K package and/or Freedom Combo,
    • Free Special Package Instagram, YouTube, Bigo, Spotify apps 500MB with 7 days active period for every purchase of Freedom Plus IDR 40K
    • Free Special Package Clash of Clan, Clash Royale, Bigo, Smule apps 1GB with 30 days active period for every purchase of Freedom Combo.
  • What benefits can I get from Free 3 Days 3 Nights package?
    You can enjoy YouTube and Instagram apps without using your main quota. You can get 500MB quota with 3 days active period.
  • Can I purchase other internet packages while I have Free 3 Days 3 Nights or Free Special Package activated?
    Yes, you can still purchase other packages.
  • How do I check the quota of my Free 3 Days 3 Nights package or Free Special Package?
    You can check your remaining quota on myIM3 app.
  • Can the Free 3 Days 3 Nights or Free Special Package be used for 24 hours and is it only to be used on 4G network?
    The quota benefit is valid for 24 hours and can be enjoyed on all 2G/3G/4G networks.
  • Can the benefits of Free 3 Days 3 Nights or Free Special Package quota be used while abroad?
    No. The quota benefits can only be used domestically/in Indonesia.
  • Can I get benefits for a purchase of Freedom Mini?
    Yes. For every purchase of Freedom Mini Complete Package 3 days and 7 days you can get IDR 5,000 cashback.
  • What can I do with the IDR 5,000 cashback?
    IDR 5,000 cashback can be used on purchase of packages, call to all operators, SMS to all operators. The only thing you can do with IDR 5,000 cashback is credit transfer.
  • How can I check my remaining IDR 5,000 cashback balance?
    You can check the balance of your IDR 5,000 balance on myIM3 app?
  • What kind of payment method that is available in myIM3 besides to top up credit?
    On this phase 1 (19 July 2019), myIM3 users will be able to use Credit and Debit card functioning as payment method to top up credit and pay bill of postpaid numbers. For the next phase, (W2 August 2019) additional payment mehod will be available (OVO, Go-Pay, Bank Transfer and Virtual Account)
  • To be able to utilize this online payment feature, should user update myIM3 to the latest version?
    Yes, Android and iOS users need to update their myIM3 app to the lates version Android: version 76.2
  • What kind of transaction is applicable for online payment feature in myIM3?
    On phase 1, online payment feature can be used for postpaid billing payment and credits top-up. For the next phase, users will be able to buy package in myIM3 using
  • Will there be any additional charges for every payment made online in myIM3?
    No, there will be no additional charges
  • Is there any minimum transaction for online payment through myIM3?
    For credit top-up, denom will be applied from Rp 25,000 – Rp 1,000,000. For billing payment, minimum payment is Rp 25,000 – which means any bills below Rp 25,000 could not be paid online
  • Could all types of credit and debit cards be used in myIM3 with this online payment feature?
    We accept VISA & Mastercard credit/debit cards. We do not accept JCB, American Express, etc.
  • What is the condition and mechanism for the promotion of cashback up to Rp 100,000?
    Cashback up to Rp 100,000 will be credited to customers who are Indosat Ooredoo users for more than 90 days. Cashback credits is valid for customers with criteria based on the reload amount and profile classification. Customers can enjoy the promotion if they receive SMS from 929 notifying that they are eligible for the cashback.
  • Can the benefits of Free 3 Days 3 Nights or Free Special Package quota be used while abroad?
    No. The quota benefits can only be used domestically/in Indonesia.