with Freedom Internet from IM3 Ooredoo!

Now you can be more free for Internet browsing with Freedom Internet Long Validity. There are many various kinds of main quota packages starting from 12GB for 90 days, 26GB for 60 days, up to 63GB for 90 days. With a long life quota period, you can maximize your internet without worrying about the period running out quickly. Let’s grab it now at *123# or on the apps MyIM3.

Why Freedom Internet

Pulsa Safe

Worry Free

No basic rate is charged when the quota runs out

Super Mudah


100% main quota in all networks



Give the best benefit without terms
and agreement

Special promo in certain areas! Get double quota at the specified location. More info click here

FAQ Freedom Internet

  • What is the newest promo from IM3 Ooredoo?
    Starting from 1 October 2019 you can enjoy NEW Package from IM3 Ooredoo called FREEDOM Internet. The package comes with more of what you love and focus on what matters you the most - 100% Main Quota and NEW Balance/Credit SAFE

    As of 23 October, the newest for Indosat Ooredoo customers, Now Here! Freedom Internet with a longer active period, Freedom Internet Longlife, the internet continues and the quota doesn't burn quickly
  • What is Freedom Internet?
    It's a new Internet data package from IM3 Ooredoo that is transparant, honest and straight-forward
  • What is the uniqueness of Freedom Internet?
    Unlike any other data plans, Freedom Internet offers only the neccesities - 100% main quota. That quota can be used in any coverage, 24 hours and also, this package is automatically embeded with NEW Balance/Credit SAFE feature
  • How if I want to register Freedom Internet
    Very simple, you can register Freedom Internet through several channel:
    - UMB by dialing *123#
    - myIM3 Applicatino. Download MYIM3 here -> (http://im3.do/m3)
    - Website www.indosatooredoo.com/FreedomInternet
  • What is NEW Balance/Credit SAFE?
    Balance/Credit Safe mechanism Freedom Internet packages will have a different scheme in each package with the following details:

    • Freedom Internet with active period 30 days and 15 days have Pulsa Safe mechanism: customers can enjoy internet services after the Main quota runs out until the active period of the internet package ends with speeds of up to 64 kbps
    • Freedom Internet with active period 5 have Pulsa Safe mechanism: customers can enjoy internet services after the Main quota has run out with fair usage policy 500MB and has speeds of up to 64 kbps. After reaching the fair usage policy, internet access will be deactivated
  • How to check remaining quota when using Freedom Internet Packages?
    Subscriber can check remaining quota using:
    - SMS type USAGE send to 363
    - Via UMB *123#
    - Via myIM3, to download myIM3 klik (http://im3.do/m3)
  • What if my quota runs out?

    It's okay, you will get notified when your quota runs out, don’t worry! And the most important thing, The NEW Balance/Credit SAFE will automatically applied, so you can still access limitless Internet with adjustable speed (64Kbps) for FREE.

    Or if you need another quota / speed you can refer to keyword below:

    Send to 363;
    - EXTRA (space) 10K
    - EXTRA (space) 25k
    - EXTRA (space) 40k

  • What if I want to buy Freedom Internet over and over again?
    No worries! You can renewal automatically as long as you have enough balance
  • Does Freedom Internet have FUP (Fair Usage Policy)?
    Nope! But please note that whenever your quota exceeded, you still can access limitless Internet (no retail tariff applied) with adjustable speed (64Kbps)
  • Can I use Freedom Internet overseas?
    Unfortunately not! Freedom Internet package can only be used domestically
  • What will happen to my leftover quota from previous package?
    Regretfully, your left over quota will not be accumulated
  • Why Package Freedom Internet 15K have new validity period?
    To increase customer experience, since 1 July 2020 Indosat Ooredoo update validity period from 15 days to 30 days
  • What's new with Freedom Internet Longlife?
    Freedom Internet is our favorite package, with various quota variants, now comes Freedom Internet Longlife with a longer active period (60 days / 90 days) and a cheaper price, you can't worry that your quota will burn quickly.
  • What are the advantages of Freedom Internet Longlife?
    Freedom Internet Longlife can subscribe at the same timewith other packages such as: Freedom Internet 30hr (Regular), Freedom Internet Sensation, Yellow, Freedom Combo, and Freedom Apps,

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