Call Me Back
Want to send SMS and you out of credit balance? Now you can use Call Me Back from Indosat Ooredoo just with sending SMS notification to recipient number with Call Me Back and your recipient will get Missed Call notification on their phone. For you, stay back and wait for the return call from your recipient number. No charge for the service, it’s free.

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Call Me Back Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Call Me Back?
    This service from PT Indosat Ooredoo is the service to offer help to Indosat prepaid customer who is in grace period or is in insufficient balance. Indosat will help those customers to send missed call to the destination number if they agree.
  • What is the offering to the sender like?
    The missed call is sent to the recipient based on OK confirmation from the Sender. This confirmation is sent on flash message (will pop up in customer’s phone, and customer must respond within 1 minute).
  • Is there any charges to send missed call to the recipient number?
    It’s free of charge
  • Is this service applicable to all Indosat customers?
    Yes, this will be applicable to all customers in Jakarta.
  • Is there any maximum limitation to use this service?
    In 1 day, one customer can only use the service maximum 5 times.
  • If customer does not want to continue using Call Me Back, can it be turned off?
    This Call Me Back service can’t be deactivated by the customer, but customer can refuse to send missed call to the destination number.

Terms & Conditions Call Me Back

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