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New! Starter Pack Data Package 2GB

For Freedom customers active from 26TH February 2018 to 2ND August 2018 please click here

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  • What is Freedom Combo Package for this new starter pack?
    Freedom Combo Package is a new package from IM3 Ooredoo which enable you to get internet access in Indosat Ooredoo Network and Voice quota to all operators. This package is only available in outlet

    Is the subscriber can buy Freedom Combo Package for this starter pack many times ?

    Subscriber with the new activated starter pack can buy Freedom Combo package in outlet once. However subscriber can get benefit if do first and second automatic renewal as long as balance is sufficient

  • What is the benefit of Freedom Combo Package for this starter pack?
    Benefit of Freedom Combo Package are :
    • Applied for 24 HOURS
    • Applicable to use on all Indosat Ooredoo Network
    • Additional 24 hours quota for new subscriber
    • Voice quota to all operator
  • What is DATA ROLLOVER?
    DATA ROLLOVER is the newest feature from im3 ooredoo that enable customer to use their leftover quota in the next month for one year. With DATA ROLLOVER you won’t lose your left over quota
  • What is Local Quota?
    Local quota is quota that can only be used at original registration location
  • What is Midnight Quota?
    Midnight quota is a quota for internet usage that can be used starting from 01.00 until 06.00

    What is additional 24 hours quota ?

    Additional 24 hours quota is quota that have shorter active period and can only give to new starter pack that activate this package

  • How to get DATA ROLLOVER in Freedom Combo Package?
    Just by subscribing to Freedom Combo Package and make sure that you always have credit for package renewal, then your leftover quota can be use and accumulated in the next period
  • What will happen if my card is in grace period end has remaining quota balance?
    Your remaining internet quota balance could not be used in grace period
  • How can I register to Freedom Combo Package?
    Freedom Combo Package only available in outlet

    Is existing IM3 Ooredoo subscriber can register Freedom Combo Package for this starter pack ?

    No, Subscriber can’t register the package
  • How to check remaining Freedom Combo Package quota (including main quota and 4G bonus quota) ?
    • Dial *123#, choose Internet Package then choose "Status & Info"
    • Aplikasi myIM3
    • Text "USAGE" to 363
  • What will happen if I run of internet quota?
    You will be charged with retail charging
  • Could this Internet Package be given as Gift package?
    No, can’t
  • Is there Any automatic renewal for Freedom Combo Package?
    Yes, there will be automatic on Freedom Combo Package if there is sufficient balance, the leftover quota will be accumulated. Subscriber will get benefit for first and second automatic renewal. For third automatic renewal and so on, subscriber will get regular benefit Freedom Combo Package
  • What will happen to my remaining Freedom Combo Package if I buy any other data package? What if vice versa?

    If customer still active in Freedom Combo Package and want to any other data package (and vice versa), it will applied as rule below :

    • If rebuy to similar package or higher price package then remaining quota from previous package will be accumulated
    • If rebuy to lower package then remaining quota from previous package will be deleted
    • Active package period time will refer to the last registered package
  • Can I subscribe more than 1 data package in same time?
    No. you can only subscribe to 1 package
  • Can I use internet package for roaming?
    No. Freedom Combo Package quota is for domestic use only. Any roaming usage will be charged in local roaming tariff
  • Can I use voice quota for international call?
    No. voice quota cannot be used for international call
  • Can I use voice quota for calling to call center with specific code like 1400-XYZ, 1500-XYZ and 1XY?
    No. voice quota cannot be used for calling to call center with specific code like 1400-XYZ, 1500-XYZ and 1XY
  • What will happen to voice quota if customer rebuy and renewal Freedom package?
    Voice quota will not be accumulated if customers rebuy or renewal

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