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Faster Browsing
With IM3 Ooredoo 4G Plus Kuat Network

With IM3 Ooredoo’s 4G Plus Kuat Network, enjoy continuous streaming! Faster browsing, indoor & outdoor, and also a wider network. Take pleasure in the 4G Plus Kuat Network with Freedom Internet, Freedom Combo, Freedom Apps or any other of your favorite IM3 products.

Try surfing the web with the 4G Plus Kuat Network for a faster and wider browsing experience, now!

Seamless Browsing 24/7

Have a great time browsing 24/7 anywhere with a longer active period than Freedom Internet.

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Smooth Browsing While Calling

With 4G and VoLTE, you can effortlessly make calls whilst browsing without comprimising the HD sound quality.

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Access All Your Favorite Apps!

Through the stronger 4G Plus network and Freedom Apps, easily access streaming, gaming, online learning, and virtual meeting apps accordingly to your needs.

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Strong 4G Plus Network all over Indonesia

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By becoming an IM3 Ooredoo user, you can enjoy 4G Plus Kuat network. Get an IM3 Ooredoo Starter Pack at various purveyors such as outlets, Gerai Indosat, e-commerce, and IM3 Ooredoo’s online marketplace at

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  • Who can do a replacement USIM 4G LTE via Modern Retail Channel ?
    All existing Indosat Ooredoo Regular Prepaid and Postpaid customers (except; Post Paid Corporate customers and Blackberry OS service users)
  • Where can I do the replacement USIM 4G LTE independently?
    You can change cards at all Indosat Ooredoo Stores
  • What are the conditions for being able to do USIM 4G LTE’s replacement?
    You only need to bring your Indosat Ooredoo prepaid number (in active condition) and ID Card (KTP)
  • Do customers have to pay for the replacement?
    NO. It’s all free.
  • Are there any restrictions in a day to change cards (with different numbers) at the same booth?
    Yes, there is. One person can only carry of maximum 2 SIM / 2 cards
  • Can I get a quota bonus after making a change from SIM to 4G USIM?
    Yes, 10GB for 30 days will be given on Monday or Friday
    • Monday (if card replacement occurs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
    • Friday (if card replacement occurs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • How do I find out if my place / house has been covered by the Indosat Ooredoo 4G network or not?
    You can check through the website
  • What if after activating I can not connect to the Internet?
    Please call our contact center at 185 for further information

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