Corporate Social Responsibility

Pillar 3 - Health

Mobile Clinic

Indosat with its parent company, Ooredoo Group are committed to improve the health of Indonesian people, especially focusing on kids through the operation of 16 Indosat Mobile Clinic, a mobile solution to reach underserved communities in rural areas, as well as victims of natural disasters.

16 units of Mobile Clinic cars, serving more than 770,000 people until today, placed in areas to serve the people around them through routine and scheduled visits. As well as being mobilized during emergency situations such as natural disasters, providing medical and health services to the victims.

With the capability to handle procedures up to minor surgery, consist of vehicles that are staffed by healthcare professionals and equipped with modern medical equipment.

The Mobile Clinics provide a range of free services to these beneficiaries covering medical treatment, vitamin distribution and nutritional advice, and general education regarding the importance of healthy living.

Indosat Mobile Clinic is also directly supported by Ooredoo Group and have announced a series of new initiatives with Leo Messi Foundation and bringing Mobile Clinic to become global health program for other developing countries.

During May 2015 – April 2016 the Mobile Clinics also delivered front line, fast response health treatment to natural disaster victims of:

  • Flood in several cities: Jakarta, Pangkal Pinang, Banten, Garut, Bima
  • Mount Sinabung eruption
  • Haze disaster pollution from forest fires in Sumatera
  • Earthquake in Aceh
  • Landslide in Purworejo

Besides free health treatment, the Mobile Clinics helped bring in needed materials such as food, blankets, clothes, masks, school books and free telecommunication to disaster sites.

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