Corporate Social Responsibility

Pillar 2 - Education & Innovation

Taking active role encouraging the use of digital technology as early as possible. Indosat Ooredoo hold coding class program to develop mobile application and games throughout the 2016. The class itself is for elementary and junior high children and took place in Indosat Ooredoo offices in Jabodetabek area and other Indonesia’s big cities. As of the end of the year, hundreds of children have followed the program and managed to develop simple games and mobile application.



IWIC (Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest)

A Decade innovation and Creativity in wireless digital applications.

Since 2006, Indosat Ooredoo has been encouraging and educating the young generation to innovate in the field of wireless digital application and to promote then to develop these innovations into promising and successful businesses.

Indosat Ooredoo aims to create a pool of talent of digital startup and content creator and also aimed to nurture young generation as future techopreneurs.

This year IWIC 10 broaden the competition to global scale, giving opportunity for Indonesia young entrepreneur to compete with talent from other country. Taking Indonesia Digital Nation to the World’s Stage.

This year receives 3,592 comparing to 2015, participation rate 3,173 participants, significantly increased from 2014 and 2013 participants number of 1,738 and 667 participants.

Totalling 10,703 of ideas received during the 10 years.


Tech in Asia Conference - Tokyo, Jepang

Tech in Asia Conference is an international tech conference with foreign stars and local heroes joining as speakers and an international tech community flying in for the event, meet new faces and glean fresh insights into the world of tech and startups.

IWIC 10 is as silver sponsor in Tech in Asia Conference, as part of an effort for IWIC 10 to go global and grab international participants. This will be the first international roadshow for IWIC. It is also a chance to be up-to-date with the latest tech trends, find out what other companies are up to, meet and mingle with 2,000 startups, investors, corporates, developers, and more.

IWIC 10 activities at the event:

  • Socializations about IWIC 10
  • Grab international participants for IWIC 10
  • Socialization about Ideabox
  • Previous IWIC winner to showcase application and success story
  • Social media communications
  • Access to all 5 content stages in the conference and hear valuable and industry-specific insights

Benefit for IWIC winner participating:

  • Experience global event
  • Exhibit his startup and application in front of 1,500 tech fans. High cances of getting noticed
  • Meet and pitch to investors. Start-up Investor Speed Dating is a perfect avenue to get a chance to win funding by pitching to over 70 participating investors

ISTC (Indosat Ooredoo Stock Trading Contest)

Indosat Ooredoo – in cooperation with IDX – take part in the efforts to raise awareness for Indonesian’s young generation to invest in capital market, which in turn is expected to enhance their welfare.

Through ISTC it is expected to prepare Indonesian’s young generations to become qualified investors in Indonesia Capital Market.

Employee Volunteer Program

The objective of the program is to improve education quality in Indonesia through direct contribution by interacting, teaching and fixing or mending school facilities.

Employee Volunteer Program provides the opportunity for employees to become a one day volunteer in giving contribution to improve the quality of education and school facilities. This year Employee Volunteer Program was conducted 3 times.

The program is executed in 5 Regions operational areas.

The program activities are such as:

  • Inspirational Class (School Area Renovation
  • Book Donation
  • Renovation
  • Learning with Virtual Reality

A total of 450 this participated in the program.