Corporate Social Responsibility

Pillar 1 - Women Empowerment

Since 2012, Indosat Ooredoo’s INSPERA initiative has focused on empowering Indonesia’s rural ‘womenpreneurs’, by offering functional training through the use of mobile technology while providing guidance and working capital, teaching them independence and resourcefulness.

Indosat Ooredoo has committed to further increase the number of women connected to mobile internet in Indonesia from 40% to 43% by 2020 (over 7 million women).

Woman Masterclass

This year INSPERA has further expanded its strategy through a series of professional training master classes, as well as talk shows with leading female founders and government officials, as an in-depth sharing session covering current issues related to the Indonesian digital era, discussing technological solutions and the evolving role of female Indonesians and micro-entrepreneurs.

All the master classes taught participants to explore opportunities offered by technology and the digital world. This initiative, helps women improve their quality of life, reach their dreams and ensures that they are not left behind in Indonesia’s ambitious goals of being a leading digital nation.

The masterclass topics include

  • Parenting in digital era
  • Digital safety & security for women and family
  • Women in digital economy
  • Commercial product photography
  • Leadership & public speaking
  • Coding Class
  • E commerce & financial inclusion
  • Digital executive women



Former Migrant Workers

Partnering with Indonesia’s Ministry of Labour to create an empowerment program specifically focused on upskilling Indonesian women migrant workers. The program equips the migrant workers to become more employable and aims to increase their entrepreneurial skills to foster independence in their home countries without the need to work abroad, improve their competitiveness as well as prevent human trafficking.

The empowerment program for Indonesian female migrant workers has successfully targeted 60 females in three high-risk communities. The women have gained tangible skills that will empower and enable them to earn a living in the digital age and produce additional income for their families in the future.

The program breaks down barriers preventing these women from accessing funding, teaches them to use the internet and other digital solutions which can vastly expand their outreach, knowledge and opportunities.

A series of training and mentorship programs, rolling out digital-based business promotion and marketing activities, information technology facilities, e-commerce support, business facilities, and human resource development to assist the underserved female migrant workers.