Indosat Website President Director & CEO message

Greetings and welcome to Indosat Ooredoo’s official website.

This is an exciting time for the nation as well as for Indosat Ooredoo, as digitalization continues to accelerate, changing consumer behaviours and patterns and in doing so, reshaping society.

At the same time, the accelerating demand for digital has also created many challenges. Within the telco industry, all stakeholders need to work together to manage the transition from legacy services (such as Voice and SMS) to Digital products and services.

Over the past year our team has worked hard and successfully stabilized Indosat Ooredoo’s performance. However, we realize that our current model of business needs to transform and change in order to be sustainable in this new digital era.

We have therefore set an ambitious goal of achieving digital leadership in Indonesia, through a roadmap that we summarize as “LEAD”. This roadmap will take place over the next 3 years, until 2021.

“LEAD” stands for: Leap towards an empowered high-performing team; Establish a competitive video-grade network; Accelerate B2B as the new engine of growth; and Deliver value for money and earn customer trust. Together, these four goals are expected to drive market growth, increase our market capitalization and improve our internal efficiency.

At the same time, we will continue to deliver on our stated customer promise: to be the telco you can trust. We will do this by delivering great service and responding quickly during moments of truth. We will also continue to provide simple, transparent and relevant products and pricing, that can be easily understood and provide great value for money. Finally, we will also deliver a network that gives our consumers the experience and reliability they need.

So far, we already made strides towards achieving all of these goals. Among others, our 4G coverage has been vastly expanded and strengthened throughout the nation, and we have also moved to improve customer experience in other ways, for example by improving mobile application self-service capacity.

It should be noted that every single person at Indosat Ooredoo is part of this sweeping reinvention. We are committed to actively embrace change and new ways of working, engaging to do better. Along the way we hope that you, our valuable customers and partners, will continue to support us.

Perlu dicatat bahwa setiap insan di Indosat Ooredoo menjadi bagian dari perombakan menyeluruh ini. Kami berkomitmen untuk aktif menyambut perubahan, juga menyambut cara-cara bekerja yang baru sehingga semuanya ikut terlibat dalam upaya memberikan yang lebih baik lagi. Besar harapan kami bahwa Anda sebagai pelanggan dan mitra berharga, akan terus mendukung perjalanan ini.

Thank you.

Ahmad Al-Neama

President Director & CEO